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Destination Uganda partners with expert safari consultants and tour managers that have traversed this stunningly beautiful pristine country and found a treasure that the rest of the world deserves to have a piece of and experience. Come with Destination Uganda and experience our world your way. Use our experts to help you design an African Safari trip to Uganda that suites your style, or pick one of ours and customise it for your way of travel.

Our safari trips take you to the rich multicultural Ugandan sites to experience the sites, sounds, taste the food and mix with the local people. Out of the city to the source of the mighty Nile river to experience the start of the long 6,600 km journey to Egypt. Up the Nile, our Uganda tours help you experience the scenes the Nile leaves on its trail, Murchison Falls and big wild game that gather on the shores to taste the fresh waters of the Nile. Off the Nile into the savannah plains, your Uganda safari trip experience heats up to the safari BIG 5 game drama; lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard and more impressive African mammals that sprawl the African savanna bushes pushing Darwin’s survival-for-the-fittest laws to the limit. Away from the savanna into the misty rain-forest jungles, you find the hype chimpanzee bands, endangered mountain gorilla giants who rule the unexplored territory that will leave a new style of safari travel in your experience bag.

12 Day Classic African Safari in Uganda

Set in the Wakanda prime real estate destination between two of Africa's…

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While it’s crushing to not be able to experience the African safari in the ways we’re all accustomed to, we are doing our part by staying apart. We need your help in taking every responsible action to flatten the curve NOW.

The sooner we act together by being not together, the sooner we can reopen our doors and our hearts, and resume sharing our African lifestyle with all of you. In the meantime please… Be safe. Be kind. Be well.

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