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Destination Uganda Travelers is a travel blog that distinguishes between tourism and travel and stresses curious, not acquisitive journeys. We employ storytelling and you-are-there photography to inspire readers to pick up and explore untamed Uganda.

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Destination Uganda Travelers write the most widely read travel stories about Uganda. The Travel Blog is a product of Gorilla Junction, a Ugandan travel organization based in Entebbe. We champion experiential and sustainable travel before we are even cool and celebrate journeys that are about places, experiences, cultures, authenticity, living like Ugandans, and great photography.

And, with the theme of “Travel Now, Your Way,” we shun packaged travels and fluff in favor of stories that offer a strong sense of place, inspiring narratives that make readers take discovery journeys with solid service information to help them plan their journeys.


Our content includes both our own and content from passionate guest writers, freelancers, and part-time travel bloggers who need a platform to develop their travel writing skills. Story ideas are generated by anyone looking for a vibrant travel audience, the staff, and freelance contributors.

Our Stories

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Our goal is to find the new, showcase fresh travel opportunities in Uganda, and be an advocate for curious travelers. Accordingly, each story captures a place’s essence in a way that inspires readers to follow in the writer’s footsteps—and equip them with useful destination information.

Our stories are precisely about traveling around Uganda. Generally, we are interested in places accessible to most travelers, not just the intrepid or wealthy. The sites we write about vary widely, from mainstream to adventure travel.

Our readers are particularly interested in conservation areas, historical places, cities, and little-known or undiscovered places. Story subjects include photography, food, festivals, lodgings, ecotourism, adventurous learning experiences, bus, boat, road trips, and short getaways. Essays offering reflections on the travel experience get a massive readership.

How do you like to travel?

By bus or private car? In a group of like-minded travelers or with your own chosen traveling companion? Destination Uganda Travelers, guides, explorers, writers, and photographers have conducted expeditions since 2018. On our expeditions, we share our passion and insider perspective. Whether you are a foodie, hiker, birder, or wildlife buff, you can find a trip with us that matches your particular interests.


Tours and Expeditions in Uganda

Sometimes the most rewarding journeys allow you to let go and savor the experience, knowing you are in good hands. Exploring is essential to who we are as Destination Uganda Travelers, and our tour expeditions are designed to bring ever-lasting experiences to interested travelers.

We partner with the top industry players in Uganda to plan, manage, and operate trips we publish based on our experiences with them. Our local guides organize the trips with the highest Traveler rating in guiding experiential and sustainable trips.