Travel stories by travelers around Uganda

March 30, 2023

Uganda Travel Restrictions & Country Declared Ebola Free

Latest coronavirus (Covid-19) developments, travel restrictions & booking tips for Uganda safari trips and gorilla tours for travellers.
January 17, 2023

A Solo Safari In Uganda’s Northeastern Wilderness

Exploring Uganda's northeastern wilderness on a solo safari was the most rewarding wildlife experience of traveling alone in enthralling African destinations few tourists have been to. Buckle up as I take you on an African journey of my lifetime.
September 23, 2022

Packing List, What To Pack for Uganda Safari

You don't need more than a change of clothes and few basic toiletries, but here's your packing list: what to pack for your trip to Uganda.
September 18, 2022

Lake Bunyonyi — An Adventurer’s Guide

Lake Bunyonyi is a magical resort destination in Kabale southwestern Uganda. The lake is dotted with at least 20 small islands and it's surrounded by steep terraced hills and exotic rural landscapes and the Virunga mountains backdrop. It is popular with day trips out of Kabale.
September 17, 2022

Visit Entebbe, Uganda’s Charming Peninsula Town

Entebbe is a peninsula town on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. It is the most charming town, a summer-like lake resort where residents do no more business than is necessary.
September 16, 2022

Jinja, Source of The Nile Adventures

Jinja has an attractively lush location on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. Its main attractions are active adventures & the Nile Source. We take a look at some of the adventures that make this Ugandan city popular.
September 14, 2022

Rwenzori Mountains National Park & The Mountains of the Moon

In the shadow of Rwenzori Mountains National Park's soaring peaks are wild rivers, tranquil alpine lakes, and a fascinating array of plant and animal life. And you don't even have to hike to the summit to see them if you don't want to.
September 14, 2022

Lake Mburo National Park, an unknown wildlife wonderland

Mburo is a 4-hour drive from Kampala, Uganda's most accessible national park. Secondly, due to the absence of the big savannah game players like the elephants and lions, Lake Mburo National Park offers exhilarating walking safari experiences for viewing wild game on foot and horseback.
September 9, 2022

Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park’s Hidden Wilderness

Sprawling savannah plains, soaring mountains, spectacular landscapes, and dark buffalo herds spread across the grassland and make Kidepo Valley one of Africa's most picturesque safari destinations. 
September 6, 2022

How to explore Queen Elizabeth National Park

Few reserves in the world can boast such a high biodiversity rating as Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda. Covering 1,978 square kilometers (764 sq mi), one of the country's largest, the scenic park is the most famous protected area.
September 5, 2022

Guide To Murchison Falls National Park

Featuring some of the country's most dramatic scenery, Murchison Falls National Park includes the most powerful falls, Victoria Nile, and vast savanna plains. It lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, where bounding escarpments fade into north Uganda's anonymous expanses.
September 4, 2022

Everything to know about Kibale National Park

Covering 766 sq kilometers (296 sq miles), Kibale National Park in western Uganda has an alluring landscape scenery, biodiversity, and various remarkable tourist activities including the exhilarating chimpanzee trekking adventure.